Assistant Relationship Manager
Assistant Relationship Manager

หน้าที่ความรับผิดชอบ :
Customer relationship maintenance
• Assist Relationship Manager to contact existing customers.
• Visit customer regularly.
• Collect information and inform RM to serve the customer.
• Identify the significant changes on customer, i.e. shareholder change, new investment, strategic adjustment etc.

Business development
• Collect document for credit application, i.e. company file, F/S, NCB, KYC etc.
• Write up CA and Spreadsheet for annual review.
• Submit CA to ADM, then to the Bank for risk review.
• Prepare documents and follow the drawdown process i.e. complete the pre-condition, coordinate with ADM to prepare contract, circulate to customer for signing and follow up the process completion.

Post lending management
• the repayment record from ADM or Collection department.
• Assist Relationship Manager to and follow –up the condition of collateral, insurance, ensure the validity of mortgage and insurance.
• Assist Relationship Manager to the company document and collect information for annual review.

Subordinate’s responsibilities
• Coordinate between the customers and internal department.
• Assist Relationship Manager to perform daily operation.
• Well follow the instruction from Relationship Manager.
• Comply with the rules and regulation of the Company.

คุณสมบัติ :
Education Background
• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in finance, economic or related field.

Professional Experiences
• Banking, leasing or related work experience.
• Having marketing experience is preferred.

Key Competencies
• Team work.
• Basic knowledge of finance and economics.
• Creativity and skill of negotiation.
• Fluent English in writing, speaking/ using English to write report.
• Learning ability.

• Service oriented.
• Integrity and work hard.

Apply for the job please sends a cover letter with your transcript and photo to Human Resources and Administration Department.
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